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“I will write if you read….”

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

I have been discussing here it is difficult to get quality feedback in class. I really discuss this with one of my ex-participants. I learnt a new insight. Here is what she wrote:

“…………Well…talking about the feedback…from a participant perspective (for instance, myself), I am very happy to leave my comment on the form only if I feel that trainer’s passion and assume he/she is going to read them…if the trainer looks like collecting the feedback form just for “形式主义”, I might merely TICK, TICK, TICK as well…..”

Whilst we (or just me?) are complaining it is difficult to get feedback, do we do all we can to encourage good feedback? It is so true that you got to show your eagerness to read in order to make the others to write. Participants will not bother to write in details if they sense that it is just a formality. And sadly this is normally what they sense, right? It is because the following mistakes always happen:

  • It is 1755 already, and we hand them the feedback in hurry

  • We give the feedback instruction with no energy

  • We do not say that we care

On the other hand, what we should do:

  • Do not do it too late

  • Do not let it be the last activity

  • Leave them at least 10 minutes’ time to write

  • Give the instruction with good energy

  • Say that you care. Better, commit yourself you read and get back in a collective manner

Let me try, especially the last point, in the coming class on Mon and Tue. I will let you know how it does.

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