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‘Check-In’ in Phone Meetings

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A useful post on the HBR Blog - Create Human Connection in a Virtual Teams.

A reflection as I read through it.... on the idea of conducting 'Check In' to build human connection in virtual meeting. It is quite tricky. When I discussed this idea with leaders, their response is often 'We do not have enough time for this'. This brings to 3 points:

  1. Someone shared a question with me before 'Is it about efficiency or effectiveness?'

  2. There are different ways of Check-In instead of everyone on the call doing a 'wedding speech' . To be exact, there are more efficient ways to do so

  3. Check-In will work only if the leaders themselves believe in it, do it first and do it a few times. It is bound to be a bit odd the first time. If we do it just once and then drop it, it will probably 'prove' to be not useful.

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