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'How to be a happy trainer?'

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

My simple answer is ‘Deliver something which you truly believe in.’ And this was exactly my reflection for the SPIN class which I delivered in Beijing last week. The class was a SPIN selling class and it was the 3rd time which I ran it. With the experience of the previous 2 classes and late night preparation for this one, I did find myself mastering much more this skills. More importantly, I am more convinced that this is a concrete piece of skill which really works. And I know that it works because it did work when I delivered my class using SPIN methodology. Things like come together – as I immersed myself more and more in SPIN by reading more and thinking for more examples in class preparation, I used it for class delivery as well. Whenever I want to pass a message to the floor, I ask instead of tell. And I let them feel the ‘pain’ first before guide them to feel the ‘benefit’!!

Like selling, class delivery is a kind of persuasion – in short, you are persuading the others to ‘buy-in’ your ideas.

I used it, I know it works and thus I believe it. And I feel good to try to influence the others to use something I believe. It is engaging to myself. I enjoy the passion inside myself to try think of different ways to influence them!!

Love to do more!!

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