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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Another key learning in the Shenzhen TTT experience – I met a training veteran. He gave me a lot of valuable feedback on my delivery. And in particular what I mention here is a great phrase I learnt from him. It is the attitude we should be having in treating our learners. In his original wording in Chinese:


(Translation: Maintain self-esteem and raise self-confidence)

Isn’t it great? It is very profound. Not sure what to say when a learner does not perform well in the role play exercise? Or when a learner answers something irrelevant to your question? This phrase will be our guidance in how to respond.

According to Anthony, there was supporting research for this – Learning happens more likely when the learners have good self-esteem and confidence (instead of just having fun in class)

Thanks Anthony for this great sharing!!

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