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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

A new year starts today. Moment like this always makes me think. My brain is flooded with questions like ‘What am I doing?’, ‘Am I on the right track?’, ‘What can I do more or better or differently?’….  Very much, I am an analytical style of person.  Yes, I think a lot.

My thought is also on this blog as well.   In 2008, there were more issues than before which I have to handle.   As a result, I have not been updating this blog as frequently as before.  I wish I can improve on that in 2009.   In addition, I would like to make this blog more personal, rather than technical as before.   I used to share only ‘learning points’ here.  In the future, on top of that, I will also share my random thoughts on training, facilitation and presentation.

I wish all ANT readers to have a wonderful 2009!!

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