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A New Look

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

2007 Theme

Ask Not Tell has been around for 6 years. I have long been thinking to give the website a new look. Why? I believe that we all need to re-think everything important around us from time to time. Working on the new look makes me re-think what the blog is about. Second, I realize more and more that my interest has shifted. My blog theme used to be 'thoughts about corporate training, facilitation and presentation'. I think I have moved on from 'Training' and 'Presentation'. See my previous posts e.g. 5 Years Old, Forget about Training, etc.

Instead, my interest has become more around 'Learning' and 'Coaching (Teams or Individuals)'. My latest attempt is on 'Organizational Development' but I am not so sure I really understand what it stands for. Different people attach very different meaning on the term 'OD'. Think about the OD-related job titles we came across. Forget about the term. What I really interest is how organizations work and how practitioners can help organizations get better. But until I get more comfortable with this topic, I better not to put it on the blog theme.

Coming back to my areas of interest. On reflection, the shift in interest has been driven mainly by:

  1. Frustration in how much training events make impact to individuals and organizations

  2. Practitioners I met / worked with and now admire e.g. Caroline, Ernie, Elly, Anthony, Patrick, Victor, Graham, Joey, etc

  3. My own practice in helping teams and individuals

  4. My exposure to ARL practice

  5. My new corporate role in leadership development (making me to look closer what leadership is.  Particularly the concept of Adaptive Challenge)

  6. Intellectual challenge associated with organizational development work

  7. Books like ARL, Skilled Facilitator, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, etc

I enjoy the journey a lot!

Overall, despite the shift in interest, the blog name still stay true - Ask, Not Tell or the importance of questioning. It matters equally in 'Facilitation', 'Learning', 'Coaching (Teams or Individuals)' and probably organizational development work.

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