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Another lesson for .....preparation

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I delivered today a 30-min session of a 2-day course. The session was designed by me and was about Business Etiquette. It is consisted of mostly activities rather than lectures, which is quite unconventional as compared to other sessions delivered by other speakers in this same course.   I knew that I need to re-arrange the room in order to make space for the activities, and I thus arrive 30 mins earlier.

Always always... unexpected things happened - there are fewer flipcharts than I asked.   And when the hotel waiters helped me to move the table, a few glasses broke into pieces!!   The room setting was just in place right before the participants came back from lunch.  Overall, the session was OK (in fact, I believe my session is one of those leaving them stickiest memory)

The learning for me is AGAIN... Always leave more time for preparation if you want to appear

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