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Creative Visual Aid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I got a new iPod nano (Gen 4) and was fascinated by the high resolution when I played video on it.  It is great to watch it on the iPod nano whenever I have nothing else better to do e.g. in a traffic jam.  Among all the video, I subscribe to the TED conference video podcast.  Basically, the podcast consists of numerous inspiring presentation made by thought leaders in different fields.

There is one by Hans Rosling with topic as ‘Debunking third word myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen’.  Hans used the bubble chart creatively to illustrate how various countries has been changing sociologically.  This makes me re-think how a visual aid could illustrate a point (instead of bullet points).

I admit that Hans probably has better software or even a support team.  But still, there is a big gap between his visual aid and the usual bullet points we are encountering everyday. There must be something we could do to make visual aid work better.

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