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Exchange with fellow trainers

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I just conducted a TTT class in Shanghai for a number of trainers from local financial institutions. It was a great experience for me. It was inspiring to interact with trainers outside my organization. I learnt new skills and new ways of looking at things in the training world. More importantly, I was impressed with their eagerness and ability to learn. They learnt fast. For example, just overnight, one of them managed to incorporate effectively the element of analogy, example, diagram and questioning into his 5-min practice session! I seldom encountered learners like this.

This experience made me re-think this blog. I want to connect to the local trainers better. As such, I will try again to write this blog in both English and Chinese. Well, this will cost me a lot more time and I may hence write fewer posts. But let me try.

我刚刚在上海完成了一个培训技巧的培训,学员是本地金融机构的培训师。通过这两天跟银行以外的培训师交流,我得到不少的启发。我学到新的技巧和在培 训世界看东西的不同角度。我尤其对他们学习的热衷和能力留下深刻印象,举例说,其中一位学员,只是经过一天晚上的准备,他有效地把’事例’,’比喻’,’ 发问’和’图画’元素加到他的5分钟演示中。在我的经验中,只有非常少数的学员能学得那么快!


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