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Focus what to do INSTEAD of what NOT to (Cont’d)

I was chatting with a coaching practitioner re my last post.   Our conversation led to a few specific items to keep me busy and thus not to give suggestion.   (More specifically, to keep my mind from generating suggestions)   Again, it is still about what to listen.   Whilst the coachee (assuming a ‘him’) is speaking, I should focus my mind to listen to:

  1. The exact words he uses

  2. His emotion

  3. His intention in saying what he is saying

  4. His underlying belief, value and attitude

  5. What he is saying in contrast to the bigger context

Well, the above will surely keep me busy enough that my mind has no space to think of suggestion!   In addition, if I am really enable to listen to the above and paraphrase to him, it would be a powerful conversation already!

Will surely try it next time.

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