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Gaborone, Taipei and Shanghai, 哈博罗内,台北加上海

Updated: Mar 13, 2022


I cannot wait to experience April!! I will have opportunity to deliver a selling class in Gaborone in Botswana. This is the first time I visit Africa - a place which I love to go. And the most exciting thing to me is that I have not had a class full of African learners. (I have had a few African learners last year in Malaysia among a mix of others from various other countries....)

I am sure that I can learn a lot about my own training skills (and thus improve it) by training a completely different type of learners. This was actually what I experienced in Dubai!!

四月实在太好玩!我将会有机会在非洲博茨瓦纳的首都哈博罗内教书。我一直想去非洲但却没有实行。而这次行程最吸引我的是非洲的学员,我从来没有经历 过一个满是非洲学员的课堂!(去年在马来西亚上课是候是有几位非洲学员,但整体学员还是来自世界各地,这一次却是清一色非洲学员!)



April is not just about Botswana. I will go to Taipei as well. This is not the first time. But still, it is always refreshing to train in places which I am not there often. In addition, I actually do the same selling course there. In fact, in April, I will do the same course in Gaborone, Taipei and Shanghai!! By month end, it would be fun to reflect the difference (e.g. learners, my performance) in these 3 occasions.

Will definitely write a post on this!



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