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Inspiration from the “70/20/10 Principle” – Continued

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Further to my last post, I was thinking to myself – how do we really learn from doing and from the others? In other words, if these 2 categories account for majority of our learning, what exactly we should do in these categories?

For me, learning from doing is largely about reviewing on past result. Asking myself what I have done well so that I can repeat it. Of course, I ask myself what I can do it differently. In addition, it is also about doing stretched assignment. Still remember the last time when you moved to a new role… and your new boss asked frequently for result. Stretched assignment motivates us grealty to learn. We become very focused and take up new skills or knowledge more quickly.

And how do we learn from the others? For me, it is about observing and reviewing others in action. And then I ask myself, ‘If I were him / her, what would I do?’ If it is different from what he / she did, I would ask myself why, and how their action is better. I find out new ways or attitude of doing things. It works very well for me. I believe that I acquire most of my “soft” skills through this mean.

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