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Just ask them 直接问他们

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When I prepared for the Botswana class, I had a chance to talk to a master trainer who has had lot of experience in Africa. The conversation helped a lot. Apart from what I should do in class for the African learners specifically, I gained an insight from him about class preparation in general.

I asked about the challenges in selling in Botswana since I want to make my class relevant to the learners. The master trainer gave his view on that and then wisely said ‘Why don’t you ask them directly?’ He said he would simply run a brief discussion at the beginning of the class.

It makes a lot of sense to do it. The learners are the best ones to tell you what their own challenges are. In addition, after they express their challenges in the class, they will feel the ‘pain’ more consciously and thus become more interested in the class (provided that the trainer can effectively show how the class content can kill the ‘pain’) This is just like the effect of Problem Question in the SPIN methodology.


当我问那位资深培训师在非洲做销售的挑战时,他除了告诉我他的想法,他还问我为什么不直接问学员 - 他建议我在课开始的时候就与学员讨论他们现在面对的挑战。

这做法很有道理 – 学员部任何人也更清楚他们自己所面对的挑战,另外,当他们自己陈述销售的困难后,我们在课上就更能清楚意识这些困难,并因而对课上的内容更感兴趣(假设培 训师能有效带出课上的内容如何解决这些困难)其实,这种做法就像SPIN方法内的Problem Question一样。

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