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London Experience

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


I had a great workshop in London. A really good one! First, the learners are great. They are mature yet with high intellectual curiosity. They are open to new way of thinking yet not hesitated to challenge.

(This in fact leads to another reflection. It is at least equally to get the nomination right than facilitate right in order to achieve a great workshop. See my earlier post on ‘Miracle happens before and after’)

Second, I am glad that I realise myself to be ‘international’ again. It is the first time I facilitate in Europe. I was anxious about it. However, once I started, I forgot I was in Europe. In fact, I needed to remind myself so.

Lastly, I received some great constructive feedback. I need to let go. On reflection, I think I have a belief that ‘It is always helpful to drive myself and others to the standard I want.’ I need to replace this mindset with another more useful. Don’t know what it is but got to work on it. At the moment, it may jeopadize my relationship with others and thus prevents me from enjoying others’ different strengths.

This piece of work possibly leads me to some break-through if I can adjust myself. Well, in other word, failure to do so would be my bottle-neck.

In addition, this will be a great practice on my leadership. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and embrace diversity. I have talked so much about this in workshops. Now it is a great opportunity for me to take my own pill.

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