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“Natural delivery, not Cesarean Section!”

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I attend a pre-natal training today in a local hospital in Shanghai today. It is of good value - RMB50 for 2 hours. And to my surprise, the presentation quality is much better than I expected. I expected the training session to be a boring and lecture-like one. In short, I am very engaged in the whole 2 hours. I do not feel bored or simply I almost do not check my watch at all. Whilst I am listening to the content, I also jot down a few points why the presentation is good:

Lots of examples - The content is dry by nature e.g. how to breathe according to the Lamaze method. However, the speaker makes it lively by giving 1 to 2 examples as she introduces each point. Lots of real stories. People love to hear stories, especially exotic ones like how she helped a case where the baby was delivered with leg coming out first.

Humor - Again, her experience helps. They are mostly cases of how the parents-to-be over-reacted during preparation.

Creditability - Her wealth of stories only tells her rich in experience. Simple, she is credible.

Not all on the slides – Her slides are not exactly good. They are mostly word slides. The one on the left is one of the very few using diagram. However, the good thing is that not all the content is on the slides. People have to listen well to catch the extra points, and especially the stories.

Passion - She is simply engaged into what she is speaking. She is interested herself. I can feel that she wants to share with you something good. For example, she strongly advises all for Natural Delivery over Cesarean Section. I can feel that she cares (well, especially since I know that the hospital actually charges more for Cesarean Section!!) It is not easy to be that passionate especially if you have delivered the same topic many times. But it does come with reward. You earn good attention, if not respect, from the audience.

On the other hand, there are a few things which do need improvement (in terms of presentation, not the content!!)

Room setting - There are simply too many people cramped together. 42 people in a dark room of around 40sqm. And note, most are pregnant women of some size!!

Interaction - She can do much better if she interacts with the audience. For example, she can invite volunteer to the stage in order to demonstrate the Lamaze method. Or she can ask for show of hands to guess the right answer of her questions. The message will be more clearly delivered and audience will be even more engaged!

Overall speaking, she was already great as her profession is an Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, but not a trainer / professional presenter!! Well, the only question which I asked her at the end is '˜Which other training session is conducted by you as well?'!!!

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