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Portable Loudspeaker,可携带式扬声器

Updated: Mar 13, 2022


This is my new toys - A JBL Onstage Micro iPod loudspeaker. I bought it at the Apple Store in Beijing at around RMB800. (In fact, I subsequently realised that it costs much more at most places other than the Apple Store. Some charge up to RMB1,000.)

It is a wonderful tool for my own use at home, as well as in the training rooms. First, it is compact enough that I can comfortably carry it along my trips. And though it is small, it is strong enough to cover a room of around 80sqm. In addition, it comes with a remote control. With that, you can professionally control the environment no matter where you stand in the training. Lastly, you can also connect it with your laptop so that you can play, say, video clip in the training room.

这是新的玩具 - A JBL Onstage Micro iPod扬声器。我是在北京的Apple Store买的,约800多人民币。(我事后发觉在其他地方买贵得多,有些甚至高达1,000多人民币。)


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