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Positioning 定位

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I just attended a 2-hour discussion session in Shenzhen earlier this month. It was organized by an external vendor with the British Chamber and facilitated by an experienced trainer. Unlike most other product briefings, he did not lecture. Instead, he facilitated discussion and led us to think. He asks instead of tells. I think it is the right way to do in order to be engaging and he did it well. It was just that there was limited time. It made his facilitation difficult – no time to ask questions and wait for answering.

Anyway, let me reflect on what I learn from this experience. I like most how he positioned himself. He avoided to be perceived as a know-it-all, which could easily invite challenges since the participants were from different backgrounds. Some participants can really know the subject well, at least in their own industries.

In particular, I am impressed with what the speaker exactly said in order to position himself right. Here are some examples:

'.... I am not here to claim to be the expert in your field....'

'.... I do not profess that I know your business....'

'.... I will feedback what I learn from you today to the [name of organising institute]...'

'.... I am not debating whether it is right or wrong... I just want to put some seeds in your head....'



‘..... 我今天不是在这里装专家....’

‘..... 我不会装作我是你们行业的专家....’

‘..... 我会向主办机构反映今天我从大家身上学到的东西....’

‘..... 我不是要争论这是对或错..... 我只是希望在大家的脑里埋下种子,让大家慢慢思考....’

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