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RAC - Different experience

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

  • Course: A presentation class

  • Date: 20 Sep 08

  • Location: Beijing

  • # of Learners: 8

  • I am feeling: Excited though tired

I delivered a presentation class to a local airport design and construction company. This was my first experience to deliver class outside the financial services industry. I like such experience as different learners offer me different perspectives. I had to research for their work challenges and thus the training need. Being in a different industry and in a local firm, they had very different mindset. They asked different questions. All these made me learnt.

For example, I thought one of their challenges to be ‘nervousness’ during presentation. In fact, their training coordinator told me the same. However, I realize only during the class that the problem is actually the opposite. They are too talkative in their actual presentation. They talk too much that they are off the topic, and limit the participation from their audience!! I needed to think of different way on spot to make them realize the issue. It was exciting!!

I love to train different learners, and I wish to do more.

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