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  • David

RAC - Satellite Delay

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

  • Course: A presentation course

  • Date: 22-23 Jan 2008

  • Location: Seriously cold in Shanghai, China

  • # of Participants: 8

  • I am feeling: Good

I did a new activity at the start of Day 2 to recap the learning on Day 1. It is called ‘Satellite Delay’, which I learnt it from the TTT in Singapore. It is simple. We formed a circle and one after another the learners are encouraged to speak about any thought / question / comment which they did not express on the previous day. It is like the signal delayed during the satellite transmission. And that is why it is called ‘Satellite Delay’. Since the learners have a wide choice of topics to pick from (as compared to ‘single key learning point’), they tend to be more relaxed and out-spoken. On the other hand, the activity does compel the learners to review. In addition, it allows the facilitator to understand the learning progress.

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