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Singapore TTT - 'Make the learners own the learning'

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Let me share another piece of learning from the workshop. I learnt it from a fellow facilitator who was being TTT-ed there as well. He facilitated a session about Feedback. When he started a small group activity, he told how much time the learners would have, like what most other facilitators would do. But unlike others, he then asked, 'So, do you think that 10 minutes will be enough?' He took the time for the learners to nod their heads. Only then he sent the learners off to the small groups. This makes the learners own the process. This in turn gives you better class discipline and more engaged learners.

More observation here. During the small group activity, the participants sat on the floor and wrote down their discussion result onto the flipcharts. Instead of inviting the participants back to the chairs, the facilitators asked whether the learners are comfortable using the floor. He then joined the big group and sat on the floor to facilitate the debrief discussion. He followed the learners. He let the learners take the lead. Again, more engaged learners.

All along the session, he almost did not tell a thing. Instead, he asked a lot of questions to bring out learning point from the learners' mouths. And when he asked, he never acted authoritative.

He is exploring rather than teaching!!

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