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'The Pursuit of Happiness' '当幸福来敲门'

Updated: Mar 13, 2022


What can we learn from the movie - The Pursuit of Happiness?

In a class I attended last week, the movie (just a part of it) helped bring out the topic of Time Management and Stress Management. The movie shows how Will Smith managed to finish the demanding broker work early enough so that he can rush to get the free accommodation at the community centre. It also shows how he released his stress, say, by taking a break with his kid in the seaside.

It is powerful to use movie clips (especially well-shot ones) to being out the learning points.


我上星期参加了一个课程,此课程用这个电影的片断引出了课程的主题:时间管理与压力管理。此电影讲述了威尔 史密斯如何尽早完成高要求的股票经纪人工作,然后可以赶去社区中心争取免费的住宿。电影还讲述了他如何释放他的压力,比如说,与他的孩子在海边游玩一下。



The challenge is to identify the relevant movie clips. I have come across a book 2 years ago which solves this problem. It is called 'Movie Clips that Teach and Train'. For various common training topic e.g. motivation, conflict, the book lists out appropriate clips. More importantly, it contains debrief questions which the trainers can use to induce reflection and discussion.

In addition, one thing I want to do more is to watch movies from the 'training perspective‘. I should identify some chinese-language movies appropriate for some of my classes!!

当然,挑战在于如何发现相关的电影片段。我在2年前曾经读过一本书,解决了以上的问题。这本书叫做 'Movie Clips that Teach and Train'(“能够用来教授与培训的电影片段”)。这本书对于许多常见的培训主题,比如:激励,冲突;都列出了合适的电影片断。更重要的是,书中还包含了培训师可以用来反映和讨论的简要问题。


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