Executive Coaching

What (we will work on)

I will work with you at 2 layers in parallel confidentially.   First, I aim to tackle with the clients on the challenges they brought to the conversation.  We explore the underlying issues, understand the reason why and most importantly design action to resolve the issues.     Common examples are handling difficult relationship at work, managing role transition, balancing work-life, navigating changing organisation environment.   Second, in solving the issues, we also attend to your longer term development by examining and experimenting on your assumptions  

How (we will work together)

We will have a series of 1 on 1 conversations.   I primarily work with you to achieve the above by:

  • Helping and challenging you to think better through e.g. listening, questioning, rehearsing

  • Helping you get input e.g. anonymous stakeholder input, psychometric tool

  • Attending to emotion (as additional data) for better & deeper self-understanding

  • Inputting (only when necessary) tools, philosophical thoughts and my own interpretations

Why (you would need this)

Individuals are often caught up with certain ways of thinking and doing, especially for someone like you who have been ‘successful’ in your first half of life / career.   The problem is that in the fast(er) changing world, ‘what got you here won’t get you there’ as a book titled.   


I believe that regular guided reflection with a coach is an useful way to deliver different result and develop yourself in the long term.

What (the clients said...)
Executive Coaching

‘David has the touch.  My work and his working experience are very different.  In spite of that, he has had the ability of grasping the essential of the issues I had and led me to deal with the important not with what I thought it was important.   I cannot but recommend him.   He has the tools, resources and empathy to help you.  He is not self-imposing, does tiptoe very gently on push-pull and make you reflect, think and most importantly, act.'

Head of Mission Aden Yemen

Internationale Committee of the Red Cross

Executive Coaching

Through the recurring coaching sessions by David, be in to a large class, or be it on one-on-one basis, I was largely helped by David in developing myself in below different ways: (1) Understood myself to a vastly deepened level and from various angles; (2) Learnt the skills to find my unique hot-buttons mutually inclusive roles at work and in life, which are equipped with executable action plan, track points and pit time management technique.

Director Loan Syndications

Standard Chartered Bank

Executive Coaching

'David pushed me to design and experiment new ways of tackling my challenges as a Country General Manager.   He helped me to realize my strengths even more clearly and build on them to tackle the challenges on the way.  More importantly, he challenged me to face my own assumptions.   He quickly grasped the cornerstones of my personality and got me out of my comfort zone.  Deep and focused preparation for tackling the upcoming challenge, with a reflect back moment, helped me to track the progress, learn from outcomes and continuously improve.'

General Manager Macedonia

Philip Morris