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Leadership Development

What (we will work on)

What is Leadership?   It is about ‘consciousness’ if I use only 1 word to describe it.


First, a good leader needs to be conscious about self i.e. strength, weakness, emotion, motivation, etc.  It is about leveraging self as resources e.g. role modelling, demonstrating vulnerability.    Second, a good leader help others be more conscious e.g. arouse what they really need but not want, do the things which they limit themselves from doing.   


To elaborate further, ‘leadership’ in the workplace is about mobilizing own and others to deliver result.

How (we will work together)

The work takes place in various forms e.g. Executive Coaching, workshops and action learning projects.   For the latter two, I primarily work with your talents to develop towards the above notion of leadership by:

  • Creating a safe environment for them to give and receive feedback to and from each other

  • Creating space and challenging them to reflect from previous experience for better self-understanding

  • Designing with you real projects for them to work and thus learn from the experience through reflection

  • Provide Just-in-Time input e.g. tools, models, thoughts

Why (you would need this)

The fast(er)-changing and increasing complex operating environment challenges the conventional notion of ‘decisions-to-be-made-by-the-top’ i.e. leadership = authority.  Organisation with ‘leadership’ exercised at all levels becomes increasingly necessary.

What (the clients said...)

Leadership Development

‘David’s engaging delivery and positive attitude made some of the dryer topics enjoyable and the more interesting topics truly life changing. Through this experience, I have both taught and applied these new leadership techniques upon my return to Japan, which has benefited both my staff and my own career

CIO – Japan

Standard Chartered Bank

Leadership Development

‘…the focus, despite a full attendance, came to an individualistic approach, which is a largely an outcome of David’s style – it is friendly, inviting openness, non-judgmental (and that is most important), patient. All this while the key concepts are explained in a simple way so that one can take away the learning, use it and keep it for a long time.’

Head, Funds & Investors, India 

Standard Chartered Bank

Leadership Development

'David is one of the best and high impact coaches I have ever come across.  He is very experienced and able to deal with a diverse group of audience, and tuned to the cultural realities of his coach-ees.  In the latest senior leadership training course, he has offered a lot of useful tools /techniques to build rapport with the team and in return, help to deliver business goals.  He is also persistent in ensuring that each of us learn and be able to apply the techniques through group discussions under his effective facilitation.  It has helped me to reflect and realize good next steps in order to perfect my leadership skills.  David has created a relaxed environment and coach-ees are comfortable in revealing their own questions / weaknesses, and be able to learn the most during the training session.'

Director, Financial Institutions, HK

Standard Chartered Bank

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