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Meeting Facilitation

What (we will work on)

I will work with you to deliver a meeting / offsite / retreat which effectively addresses the set objectives.   Common examples are strategic planning, annual review, stakeholder management planning.   The meeting participant size normally ranges from 8 to over 100 people.

How (we will work together)

I primarily work with your planning team to achieve develop towards the above notion of leadership by:

  • Ascertain the meeting objectives (Purpose) and deliverable (Product)

  • Determine participant mix (People) and meeting flow (Process)

  • Facilitate the meeting 

  • Follow up the meeting outcome

Why (you would need this)

Remember the last poorly-designed and run meeting you attended.  It destroys great deal of values in organisations given the opportunity time cost by each senior leader in the meeting.   More importantly, it stalls project progress and demotivates meeting participants. 

What (the clients said...)

Meeting Facilitation

‘David was brought in as part of a transformation project we were undertaking.  David showed great attention to detail engaging with the leadership team before the facilitation.  David kept the meeting going forward at a good pace, and made sure everyone was heard from.   On the second day he was good about recapping the first day and setting the goals and explaining the second day. By the end of the meeting the participants felt energized about what had transpired, and the vision going forward.’

VP of Data & Data Infrastructure US


Meeting Facilitation

‘Building on our several years of collective experience, we were challenged to rethink meeting facilitation to creatively engage policy makers, particularly public sector executives and leaders not strictly engaged in health issues.  We were also exposed to mechanisms and opportunities to engage effectively private sector and foundations.   We were impressed by Mr Yau's tips, examples and material which were practical and operational.  Mr Yau's capacity to keep participants motivated and engaged throughout the training sessions is particularly worth of mention.’

Director Centre for Health Development – Kobe

World Health Organisation

Meeting Facilitation

'I am fortunate to work with David in our facilitation workshop. In addition to being a truly genuine person and absolute pleasure to work with, David have done a great job in listening to our expectations and tailoring the program to meet our needs. He demonstrates his experience and passion in our partnership. His delivery is engaging and practical with real life challenges. I am extremely pleased to see our participants do practice the skills acquired from the program and find them useful. Overall, I recommend David to anyone looking for a seasoned training professional who makes impact, and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future!'

Senior Director, Global Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness, Manulife

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