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Team Coaching

What (we will work on)

I will work with your team to become a higher performing team e.g. to formulate team goals and ground rules, to give feedback to each other more effectively, to have productive conflict.   On one level, I can facilitate your team to tackle tasks important to you.  Common examples are strategic planning, annual review, stakeholder management planning.   At the same time, through working those tasks, we will examine how effective your people work together, and experiment more effective ways to work together.

How (we will work together)

This may take place in the form of retreat / offsite workshops, or / and me participating your regular team meetings.   I primarily work with your team to achieve the above by:

  • Facilitating discussion towards some set goals and deliverables

  • Observing how your people work together - the overt and covert dynamics

  • Creating a safe environment for the team to conduct the necessary but potentially tough conversation e.g. feedback to each other and team leader 

  • Facilitating personal disclosure so that members see each other more than a job title

  • Helping your team to get input e.g. anonymous stakeholder input, psychometric tool

Why (you would need this)

Looking at different teams at your workplace, you will wonder why some teams are more effective than the others though the members are from similar background. Members in a more effective team may not be best friends with each other but they just deliver more together.  Yet, teams are often so busy working on tasks that they seldom develop their collective effectiveness.  Or sometimes, they may unconsciously avoid the potentially tough but necessary conversation (e.g. giving each other feedback) 

What (the clients said...)

Team Coaching

‘We needed better mutual personal understanding in the team and David delivered it.    He helped us park the urge ‘to produce something’ like in meetings.   Instead, he gently guided the team to exchange personal stories and feedback to each other.'

President & Managing Director, China

General Mills

Team Coaching

'I appreciate David’s design and facilitation to help my top talents understand themselves and each other better through MBTI. In addition, David was very skilled in getting us to exchange personal feedback with each other.  This was not really comfortable but certainly useful to make us a better team.'



Team Coaching

‘David has been extremely helpful by pushing the team forward to the right direction.   He was acute in observing the underlying dynamics in the team, and he was tactful in bringing the dynamics up for discussion.     He managed to adapt the meeting flow on the go, and took the risk to bring us along to confront what we have been avoiding to discuss as international teams on the cover "cultural differences".  It was sometimes uncomfortable but useful.'


Club Med Greater China

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