Executive Coaching

Hold 1 on 1 conversations with senior executives to tackle work challenges e.g. difficult relationship at work, role transition, matrix structure, and at the same time achieve deeper and longer term personal development

Team Coaching

Design and coach team conversations to achieve higher-performing team e.g. formulate team goals, enable honest feedback / productive conflict

Meeting Facilitation

Design and deliver meetings / off-sites / retreats which addressed the set objectives.  Common topics are strategic planning, annual review.

Leadership Development

Design and deliver learning experience to enhance leadership e.g. group reflection, action learning projects



David is a trilingual banker-turned-coach located in Shanghai.   He helps individuals and teams develop through working on real work problems e.g. difficult relationship at work, role transition.   Though coaching and facilitation, clients make progress on real problems and become more aware of own patterns of behaviour and thinking.   We further explore and experiment together new ways of doing and thinking in order to both advance the learning and problem-solving.


He works mostly in Asia and Europe. His clients are both from the private (business schools and corporates from a wide range of industries including financial services, luxury brands, high-tech) and public sectors (international organizations in Geneva).

Prior to his work as an independent consultant, David had worked in HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years, both as a corporate banker and an in-house Leadership Development practitioner.  

David’s approach is mainly guided by the Strengths-based practice, Action Reflection Learning (ARL) by MiL institute and LIM, Adaptive Leadership by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky, Immunity to Change by Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey, Systems-Psychodynamics approach, etc.   David possess professional qualifications e.g. IAF CPF (on facilitation) and ICF ACC (on coaching).  He is certified to use various psychometric tools including Hogan Assessment, MBTI, DiSC, Facet5, StrengthsFinder and Firo-B.

David holds the coaching certificate from Tavistock Consulting, a MBA from INSEAD and a Bac. degree in Economics from the University of Hong Kong.   He lived in Hong Kong, Fontainebleau, Beijing and Geneva. 



Executive Coaching

‘David coached me at a critical point in my career - as I took up my new role as the President amid the rather chaotic 2020 with challenges like COVID.   David created a safe yet challenging space which I could slow down to reflect on my team, my environment and most importantly myself.  This helped me prioritise my time, work better with the board and my leadership team, as well as become more mindful in taking care of myself'





SPD Silicon Valley Bank China

Team Coaching

'David has been extremely helpful by pushing the team forward to the right direction. He was acute in observing the underlying dynamics in the team, and he was tactful in bringing the dynamics up for discussion. He managed to adapt the meeting flow on the go, and took the risk to bring us along to confront what we have been avoiding to discuss as international teams on the cover "cultural differences". 



Club Med Greater China

Meeting Facilitation

‘David was brought in as part of a transformation project we were undertaking.  David showed great attention to detail engaging with the leadership team before the facilitation.  David kept the meeting going forward at a good pace, and made sure everyone was heard from.   On the second day he was good about recapping the first day and setting the goals and explaining the second day. By the end of the meeting the participants felt energized about what had transpired, and the vision going forward.’

VP of Data & Data Infrastructure US, ebay

Leadership Development

‘David’s engaging delivery and positive attitude made some of the dryer topics enjoyable and the more interesting topics truly life changing. Through this experience, I have both taught and applied these new leadership techniques upon my return to Japan, which has benefited both my staff and my own career







CIO – Japan, Standard Chartered Bank