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A Lunch Sharing – What can be done more?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

I attended our university alumni lunch gathering today. A casual one where the speaker introduces some tourist attractions to around 24 people during lunch. She is a good speaker in the sense that she has passion at what she said. You can see that it is from her stuff. Whilst I was listening, I was also thinking how her sharing could be better. And here is my learning – Instead of talking for straight some 90 minutes, she could interact with the audience. For example, instead of listing out the popular restaurants in her recommended district, she can ask the floor to contribute their favorite restaurants. And then she comments and adds her own thoughts. In addition, if I were her, I would have done the speech shorter, and open the stage to all earlier. After all, people were getting hungry as she spoke.

Having said that, she spoke well. I always believe that one will speak well if she / he believes in the content.

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