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Be prepared, and prepared not to use what you prepare

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Recently, things have been happening much faster than I can reflect and capture. It is good since my capability and confidence will only grow with experience. Well but I have not updated the blog as much as I should. Perhaps I should not be too ambitious in capturing things in full. Let me apply the “twitter spirit” – short but frequent message.

There is one great insight I gain today which I cannot help writing it down here. In short, the learning is ‘Be prepared and prepared not to use what you prepare’. I learn it from attending a workshop earlier this week and facilitating a team session today.

I always said here that a facilitator should be thoroughly prepared – in particular – to design the process and know it well. However, it is equally important that I can adjust and even abandon the prepared process on spot. This is especially important when I have senior participants in terms of experience or intellect. They would have their views on how the meeting should be run. Even though I engage them before the meeting, new ideas can come up.

I should thus be flexible. Essentially, do not be disturbed when the participants suggest change in process or simply the meeting move to different direction. All I need to do is help them think through whether the change is what they want and is aligned with the meeting objective and other parameter like time available. Make them stop and think.

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