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Conducting TTT

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

I recently attended a one-day “Train-The-Trainer” (TTT) on a specific training course. Though it is not an entirely structured one like SPIN selling, there were a few processes which I like a lot on this TTT.


The participants for this TTT i.e. potential facilitators have reasonably good understanding on the subject matter. In addition, we are relatively experienced facilitators in the company. Moreover, we have seen once the underlying training course in action.

Interesting processes

Three Suggestions – The master facilitator (also the designer) sent to us the facilitator guide before the TTT. With that, he asked us to come up with 3 suggestions as we studied the guide. This made us read with an evaluative mind. As he worded it, it is like an Action-Learning project. When we came together in the TTT, the master facilitator asked us to write down our suggestions – 1 on 1 post-it, and then put them all up on a flipchart. He then asked us to categorize it and report back. As we categorize, we tried to understand each other’s ideas, and thus understand better the content.

Participants Challenge – After lunch, the master facilitator posted to us an unexpected challenge. He acted as a challenging participant and asked each of us some questions on the content. This process energized us after lunch, tested our knowledge, and induced discussion among us on really how to handle such questions. Again, we learnt about the course from this!

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