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In the Flow

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I facilitated a half-day team building session last Friday in Sheshan (outskirt of Shanghai). It took me quite a lot of preparation. And the sponsor is one of our important stakeholders. So, quite some pressure for me to do it right.

The session went alright and as always there are areas which I could do better. What I want to reflect on here is the feeling I had during the session. Once, a senior facilitator said I was ‘in the flow’ when she observed me in action. I did not really get it at that time. But now, when I reflect on this experience, I understand it more. I found myself ‘totally immersed’ in the session. I love the feeling of concentrating myself on how to make the process work – asking the right questions, sensing the atmosphere, connecting with my participants…..

I guess I am lucky.

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