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Just like Newton Isaac

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I learnt a quote recently, and I now use it in almost all my courses. The quote says:

'Experience is not what happens to you! It is what you do to what happens to you!'

In the human history, there were probably many many people got hit by dropping apples. However, there was only one Newton Isaac who is known to have discovered gravity - a major finding for the mankind. Newton (probably) reflected on what happened and investigated into the cause. It is about what you did to what happens to you.

It is like training. Sitting through a training course does not mean much. What happens is what you did with your learning from the course.

I normally post up the flipchart (see left) at the beginning of the final day. I just post it at a spot where all can see when they arrive. I however choose not to explain it. I leave the thinking to them. I will only bring it up at the very end of the course, even after the completion of L1 feedback form. I will say:

'My final words - It is Thursday today. On next Thursday, I am sure one thing will probably happen - you will forget most of what we discussed in the past few days...... unless you do something about it asap. Just like the flipchart you saw in the morning - You will need to follow up like our Newton Isaac!'

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