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Learning Enemy

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Other than coaching skills, I picked up some great facilitation / training techniques in Chennai. In fact, the 2 facilitators are wonderful! Among all, they were great in using analogies, stories and their own experience to illustrate the concepts. It is not easy to present and explain what each of the 34 talent themes mean. It could be very boring. But they did it in a vividly way!!

Let me share something new to me which I learnt. The first thing is the idea of ‘Learning Enemy’ It could be the mindset of ‘I already knew it’ or ‘It does not work’.

When I apply it, I would probably say something like the following to the learners:

‘You probably want to maximize your learning since we are here already. One thing that we get in our way is the ‘Learning Enemy’ They are those little voices in our mind which prohibit us to learn new things. They block us from seeing things from new perspective. An example is the idea of ‘I already knew it’ What is your own ‘Learning Enemy’? [Pause. No need to really take in response. Just let the concept to sink in.] I invite you to identify what it is and let it go. Doing this can free you up to learn new things.’

It is a great concept since it separates the learners from the ‘bad’ thing. It helps learner admit the undesirable mindsets more easily. It is like saying ‘You are OK. Just that there is something affecting you. So, take this away.’

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