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Learning vs Training

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I observe something amazing when I looked at my posts in this blog in the last 12 months.  There are a few posts which I wrote about learning rather than training.  The post about the ’70/20/10′ principle is an example.

In case you are not aware, there is big difference between being in the learning and the training business.  From the perspective of the ’70/20/10′ principle, if you are in the training business, it is about only the ‘10%’.  If you are in the learning business, it is about the ‘100%’.  In other words, other than conducting training courses, you will run projects about stretched assignment (an example of the 70%) or maintain a mentoring program (an example of the 20%).

When I left my front line job 4 years ago, I thought my new job is basically about standing up in the classrooms where I would talk and make them do things. And I love conducting classes.  I love the interaction with the learners. I love the environment of focusing on doing just 1 thing in the classroom.  I love facilitating group process, in particular, the intellectual challenges of keeping the group towards the objectives.

In a sense, training involves tasks of very different nature than learning does.

Yet, going back to the observation about what I wrote recently….  I am now thinking more and more from the ‘learning’ perspective, though I am still particularly energized when I stand in front of the learners. Interesting shift….

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