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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I ran a new Leadership Development workshop in Singapore earlier this month. It was quite a challenge to me since the workshop is of very different style from those I ran before. In short, we facilitated in the approach of 'Adaptive Challenge'. Specifically, for example, we said at the very beginning of the workshop the following:

  • By the end of the workshop, we may have more questions than answers.

  • The facilitators are not expert but to co-learn with some provocation.

There was no pre-printed workbook but just a nice blank notebook. We only had a few page of PPT for the whole 4 days. In addition, we tailored the workshop on spot quite a lot depending on what was happening e.g. learners’ interest, workshop flow.

The whole approach is very different from what I used to. I tend to be very structured – planning clearly in advance what will happen and following closely to it.

The workshop was thus not easy to me. Yet somehow I felt good about the experience. I think my mindset changed. I am internalizing the Comfort-Learning-Panic-Zone frame of mindset. I see discomfort in a positive manner. To be specific, the belief is that one needs to feel some discomfort in order to learn. In other words, one will not learn if he / she feels too comfortable.

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