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Music as the powerful energizer

Updated: Feb 26, 2022


Yes, the title above sounds obvious. But whether you will really use it or whether you can use it well in the learning environment is another thing. Here is my experience. I used music only a few months after I heard people saying that it is useful for learning. What stopped me are things like hesitation of whether the class will then look cheap, whether participants will be distracted at the end... etc. But today, after using it for a few months, I sincerely believe that it is very useful!!!

Music at the class start makes participants settle in the class more comfortably. Music (e.g. Disco / Hip Hop) charges participants with energy to conduct exercises, and keeps them awake especially after lunch. Music (e.g. soft ones) makes helps participants calm down after activities, and reflect themselves what they learnt from the activities. In addition, music can condition people, and one most useful application is to bring them back on time during break (assuming that they can hear the music in their break area). In particular, music will work well for you if you being to the aural learning style – a piece of music associated with your learning can trigger you to recall the learning more easily.

After all, participants enjoy themselves better with music, simply because people love music in general!!! I am using music all the time in my class. Well, apart from the above, music amuses me during the class as well!!

Most music work, and of course different types of music work better for different purpose. Among all the music I am using, the pieces in the “Tune for Trainers” CD (see the picture) are the best!! You can readily purchase it from Trainer’s Warehouse – a resourceful place to get your training gadget!! In the CD, you will find tailor-made music for class start, lunch, break, etc. In addition, there are a few 1-min long music which is great for you to mark the time during activities.


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