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Participation Ratio

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I have the pleasure to attend the facilitation skills class by our internal Master Facilitator this week. I learnt a great deal.

The first concept I want to share here is called 'Participation Ratio'. Imagine a class size of 20. If your question is being answered by 1 learner, the Participation Ratio is 1/20. If you have the learners to discuss in groups of 4, the ratio is 1/4. If you make them do 'mindful repetition', the ratio is 1/2. If you ask them to answer your multiple choice question by picking 1 corner of the room and really moving there, you have 100% participation.

A higher ratio indicates that learning is taking place to a larger extent. I find it a good idea to evalutate my existing programs by the 'Participation Ratio' - a quick test on learning effectiveness. In the future, when I have to pick among different modes of delivery, the 'Participation Ratio' will be one of the criteria!

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