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Physical Conditioning

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


I love looking at the Alps over the Lake Geneva. I will focus my eyesight and read the outline of the mountain slowly. I feel very peaceful and myself ‘insignificant’. I feel that there is something greater than whatever have been happening to me.

What will happen if I can facilitate a team workshop in a venue facing such a view? I think it would be great. The view will not just make the participants feel better. I believe that the participants can reflect more deeply. Think about asking them to look at the mountain and read out slowly a few careful-crafted questions. It would even be better if I can do it outdoor under nice weather.

I believe more and more the power of physical set up to the effectiveness of a group session. (By physical set up, I include location, natural light, temperature, space, room set-up, etc) I almost think that itc can define the outcome. See my related post at Disney. Again, it is another illustration on ‘Miracle happens before and after’.

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