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PQF #1 – ‘Blank the screen for the 1st 1 minute’

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Underlying Problem – Most presenters (at least those in our organisation) allow the white screen to take the stage rather themselves. They stand (or even sit) on the side, look at the screen themselves whilst talking, and some even read directly from the slides. There is lack of eye contact, and under-utilization of his / her body language. Human connection is discounted and presentation becomes less effective.

Ideally, the presenters should realise such issue and correct it. He / she should know how to take the stage back from the white screen. For example, ‘tell and show’ rather than ‘show and tell’. And avoid reading directly from the slides. And blank the screen and step forward whilst talking…. Often, it takes time for them especially for the presentation beginners to really adopt the above. It is not easy to change habit. In fact, I met a presenter who will turn his head to look at the white screen even though there is nothing on it!!!

Quick Fix – ‘Blank the screen for the 1st 1 minute’. Just present in the beginning with the screen off. With that, the presenter is bound to have eye contact, and the audience is bound to look at him / her (instead of the screen). The audience will feel that the presenter is taking charge, but not the screen (or projector), at least in the beginning for a better impression!! And as time goes, such habit of presenting without slides can be built up by lengthening the time or as the presenters get used to this 1st 1 minute.

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