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PQF #2 – ‘Ask an “answerable” question at the start’ – Continued

To illustrate my previous post of the same topic, here is a real example which one presenter used in the Toastmaster lunch session this week. She said, ‘Let me start by asking 3 questions. First, please raise your hand if you come here today to improve your public speaking skills.’

(Lot of hands raised… and energy in the air….)

‘Thanks for raising your hand. I see majority of you coming here to improve your public speaking skills. My second question is that please again raise your hand if you come here today to just check out what Toastmaster is about.’

(Again, lot of hands raise…. and good energy…)

“Thanks again. Again, I see most hands in the air this time. It is fine and natural that you come here to find out more about something which you may invest your precious time in. Now, my last question. Please raise your hand if you come here just for the free lunch!’

(Laugher in the floor….)

In short, with just these 3 simple questions, she achieved the followings:

  1. indicating the purpose of the session

  2. creating easy and fun atmosphere

  3. easing her stress (if any) by having laughter together with the participants

  4. engaging the floor by giving something for them to do

All you need to do is to spend some time in advance to think of simple questions like this!!

[In case you do not know, here is what and why PQF.]

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