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Presentation Quick Fix

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Presentation skills class is my favourite class among all. Since there are only a few participants and the outcome is more observable by nature, I can feel my impact better. (Or know my failure more easily…..!!) In addition, I like it as somehow it makes me think a lot about behavioral change. For example, it is one thing that you convince the participant about the importance of ‘eye contact’, it is another thing that he / she can keep look at others’ eye as he / she speaks publicly. It is not easy to change the behavior. But this is what good training should do.

When I first started to deliver my presentation skills training, I would give them lot of ways on how to present better e.g. eye contact, story, analogy, diagram, pause, gesture, posture….. anyway… a lot!! More and more I realised that ‘too much’ will just make the participants more difficult to change their behavior. This is especially the case for those who just start to think about presentation skills. And for them particularly, theory e.g. “WIIFM” does not help much, at least not very quickly. They can better gain from the class by knowing specific TO-DO list (or NOT-TO-DO).

So, I am putting up a list of ‘Presentation Quick Fix’. They are basically TO-DO items which are:

  1. Simple to understand

  2. Easy to adopt even under presentation stress

  3. Quick to show resul

I believe that they will help people to yield short-term result quickly, and make behavioral change easier.

Stay tuned!! The first one is coming soon.

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