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RAC – Got to stay positive

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

  • Course: A management skills class

  • Date: 29-31 Nov 08

  • Location: Shanghai

  • # of Learners: 16

  • I am feeling: Tired…. and a bit frustrated

I just finished a 3 day management skills course today. I feel tired as the after-class preparation every day took up quite a lot of time. Basically I started in the classroom at 0800 and finished my preparation at night at 2200.

However, what was more challenging is the discipline issue. Frankly, I did feel frustrated this morning. A learner who already missed the whole Day 1 morning came to me asking for a 2-hour absence. At the end, she left the class for more than 3 hours. Well, it was not only her. I had one disappeared for the whole morning today. I had a few requesting to leave earlier today to catch the plane. And then a few came back 1/2 hour late from lunch. And I had one who did not show up at all on Day 1 with no advice. But he then walked into the class on Day 2 …. only after 9:30 like nothing was wrong. I asked him to leave right away!

You prepared. You tried to maintain a good learning atmosphere. But then it got broken from time to time.

I almost showed my emotion this morning. Luckily that I did not, cos I know that it would help. And after all, I got to remind myself that there are still good learners in every class who want to learn!

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