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Singapore TTT – A-Z

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

There are some more learnings in class facilitation from my Singapore trip which I want to share.

It is another small but learning-enhancing activity to recap learnings from the class. This is especially useful for class with lots of new concepts. Divide the learners into small groups of 4-5 each. Ask them to come up with 26 phrases starting from A to Z. And the 26 phrases have to be about the concepts learnt from the class. Why is this activity good?

  • It can be made as a competition among small groups. People are excited by competition;

  • Everyone in the small groups can participate (so long as it is kept within 4-5 people);

  • It makes the learners to review the class when they retrieve what is learnt and come up with phrases;

  • It allows creativity. There is model answer anyway;

  • It uncovers misunderstanding;

  • The final product i.e. the flipchart is a good list of summary. You can just keep it in the room after you ran the activity for things learnt on the previous day.

Pretty amazing how much a small activity can achieve!! I made one on the right. I spent around 1 minute to fill up some alphabets. It is about this blog i.e. concepts discussed here. Feel free to complete it.

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