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Taiwan Experience

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I am writing this on my way from Taipei to Hong Kong, after I just completed the SPIN class in Taipei today.

Well, I have not done the ‘Right After Class (RAC)’ sharing for quite some time. I however want to write this experience since I do like it. In particular, I like how I maintained the discipline and atmosphere in the class. For example, on day 2 and 3, all 22 learners arrived before the start time at 0900!! It is amazing to see that all seats have been taken when the class starts!!

In short, the key to maintain discipline is that you got to agree a ‘consequence’ (e.g. sing, dance) with them and more importantly execute it, repeat, execute! If you ‘let go’ one single ‘offender’, it is like telling the rest that it is OK not to follow the ground rules. On the other hand, learners will follow the ground rules better if you can carry out the consequence to the most senior person (if he / she violates any of the ground rules) Of course, you do not act like a hardcore policeman. You got to strike a balance between being strict and approachable.

Another observation is that the Taiwan learners were reasonably engaged in the class. There were smiles and nodding…. Anyway, I plan to send them a follow up email to solicit their more detailed feedback on the class. I hope that I can run the Africa class as good as this one.


我已经有好一段时间没有为每一课程写东西了(即‘Right After Class (RAC)’系列),但我真的想写写这次台北的经验。其中我特别想纪录的是我挺成功建立的课堂纪律和良好学习气氛,例如,在课程的第2和第3天所有的学员准时在课程9点钟开始前就到达!能够在课程开始的时候看到所有座位也有人坐真是让我很有成就感!

简单来说,我觉得维持课堂纪律的重点是与学员一起制定如果违反纪律的‘后果’,但更重要的是要认真实行这些‘后果’!如果你让一位‘犯事者’免受处 分,这就像告诉其他学员不守纪律也是可以的。相反,如果你可以让比较高级的学员(在他违规后)厉行‘后果’,其他学员也就会乖乖守纪律。当然,在执行‘后 果’时,你需要在严厉和平易近人中取得平衡。

另外,从这班学员在课上的微笑和点头等,我能留意到这班学员挺投入上课…. 无论如何,我计划写一个电邮给他们征纳他们比较详细的意见,让我可以提高课堂技巧。


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