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‘Thought Provoking Device’

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Look at the furry wire in the photo. You could not imagine how useful it is in the training rooms. At least I did not realise it before I tried it out. During the international induction program I mentioned in the last post, there was a session which we asked the learners to reflect in pair for stories happened in the week. And there were asked to play with the wires to form a shape representing their stories. I found it rather weird in the beginning.

But it worked! I saw the learners actively playing the wires whilst they were sharing the stories. When they all came back together in the big group, they all came with wires of all different shapes. In addition, the wires promoted them to share as they were eager to show their own (and even others') wires to the others.

This interestingly illustrates that everyone has a kinesthetic learner within. I call the wire a 'Thought Provoking Device'!!

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