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Trainer-Participant Relationship 2

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Another reflection about the relationship with the participants – if you find the participants ‘mis-behave’ e.g. walking in and out all the time, do not just blame them. We should ask ourselves also another question – ‘Am I the reason of the mis-behavior?’ Think about ‘Is my delivery very boring?’, ‘Have I lectured for too long?’, ‘Did I forget to have a tea break?’. It is always easier to blame the others rather than ourselves. More than easy, it is somehow a sad but nature tendency for human being to blame the others.

I have this awareness because I was personally a participant in boring courses. When I realised that I have been walking in and out of the room, I felt ashamed of myself. I asked myself how I could do it whilst I hated the others to do it in my own class. My answer to myself was that the course was real boring. I just could not help to go out to get some fresh air. And then I thought it is perfectly possible that I am such a boring trainer at least to some people (like the vacationers or prisoners!!)

So, we should criticize not only the others, but also ourselves!!

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