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Using the Speaking Note

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

The offsite went alright. The mat activity fitted well with the objective of the offsite, and the timing was good. More importantly, I did learnt something new (or I should say, I learnt an 'area of improvement' for myself) - about the use of speaking note.

I prepared speaking notes of palm-size, big font, bullet-points speaking notes. Well, very much the ‘correct’ design of speaking notes as what most will believe. However, the notes did not help much at the end. Why? Because I did not read it at all on the spot!!!

So many things were happening during that 45 mins, and thus I did not read the notes at all. What was the consequence? I missed to mention that there will be prize for the game, ask those who have played the game to come up, and more importantly invite the bosses for observation comment!! Yeah, not detrimental... but I wished I did not miss and could do it better...

My learning is that:

  • I got to prepare more. More time to rehearse so that I can memorize the key points naturally, despite the chaos in the 'real' environment;

  • I got to practice to use note. I got to conquer the 'odd feeling' in taking time to read the notes. I should try to make note for the next class, and use it (even though I may not actually need it)

  • (The mountain on the picture is the 玉龙雪山. It was taken from a window in the hotel. Sadly, the offsite was so packed that I spent 98% of my time in the hotel. )

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