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Where to take note

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We, as the trainers often ask the learners to write down their action items on their workbooks at the class end or at the end of a learning module. By doing so, we hope that they can transfer their learning back to work better.

Unfortunately I have noticed that the learners are not very keen to really write down things by pens. Some simply hold their pens with blank faces. In addition, even if they write things down on the workbooks, I often doubt whether they will refer to the workbooks in the future.

I was talking to a master trainer the other day. She gave me some interesting advice. Instead of forcing them to note their action items on the workbooks, encourage them to do so whereever they like. It could be mobile phone, laptop, PDA, or even sending an email to themselves!! Think about it – in our own daily life, we also do not take note just on paper. We may set a reminder on the mobile phone, for example.

I guess it makes sense from the “Generation Y” perspective. The learners, especially the young ones, are living in a different world. And we should cater for their learning preference.

I will conduct a class in Hong Kong this week. Let me try it out!

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