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A class design easier to the participants and the trainer

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

I was delivering a new class (not the presentation one) in Shenzhen this week. Because of the hectic training schedule these few weeks, I virtually had only the few hours on the flights to prepare - not ideal. Whilst it was enough for me to get acquainted to the content, I was not familiar enough with the flow and slides. They are equally important since mastering it (e.g. which slide will come next) will largely increase your creditability. However, interesting, I realized something useful because of this. And this is largely inspired by the SPIN class.

I re-shuffled the class so that there are activities ran by the participants e.g. small discussion around every hour. During these activities, I can readily spend 1 to 2 minutes to preview the material which will come in the following session This makes the trainer's job easier.

On the other hand, such arrangement also makes learning easier for the participants. On a regular basis, they can have a break from the 'lecture' and activities make them to THINK. Adult learners learn better by taking an active rather than passive role. I shall bear in mind such design in my other classes as well!!!

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