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Creative Training Techniques Handbook by Bob Pike

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

It took me quite some time to finish this book, and more importantly, to comprehend the content since it is a bit wordy and some ideas repeats in various places. Not a clear structure. Need to spend time to sort out my learnings from this book. In addition, whilst this is about tools to be used in the class, I know that I got to practice them in order to really ‘memorize’ them. Once again….’What I see, I forget. What I hear, I remember. But what I do, I understand.’

In particular, I want to highlight the 22 Deadly Sins mentioned in Chapter 16. Things that could be committed by trainers.

  1. Appearing Unprepared

  2. Starting Late

  3. Handling Questions Improperly

  4. Apologizing for Yourself or the Organisation

  5. Being Unfamiliar with Knowable Information

  6. Using Audio Visuals Unprofessionally

  7. Seeming to be Off Schedule

  8. Not Involving the Participants

  9. Not Establishing Personal Rapport

  10. Ending Late

  11. Appearing Disorganised

  12. Not Quickly Established a Positive Image

  13. Not Covering the Objectives Promised

  14. Not Scheduling Enough Breaks

  15. Practicing Bad Habits

  16. Not Checking the Environment

  17. Not Updating the Material

  18. Not Admitting Mistakes

  19. Using Inappropriate Humor

  20. Using Inappropriate Language

  21. Coming on As an Expert, a Know-it-all

  22. Using Poor Grammar, Pronunciation and Enunciation

Bob is very right!! And a great way to summarize the book!!

Are we committing any of the above?

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