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Facilitation at High Schools

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I am taking an edx course on the topic of learning. In doing so, I come across a video describing a teaching practice in the US. I am surprised how facilitative it is. I wish my high school experience was like this. I certainly want this for my children (but also hope that the examination system will not discriminate such practice)

Just 10 mins. Watch it. If you are in a job of helping people learn (and especially if you have children), you will like it.

Basically, the teachers ask students to read original documents highlighting the history instead of telling dates, names and incidents. The students will then act like CSI detectives to construct what happened, formulate views, debate, etc. It is particularly interesting that the teachers start each session with a question. They then help out the students' own discovery. They probe and challenge.

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